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Above: Nasturtiums

Warning: Not all flowers are edible. Please take care when selecting flowers to eat.

Nasturtiums are one of the most widely recognized edible flowers.

Nasturtiums [Tropaeolum majus] are edible flowers like marigolds, so not only do they look really colourful – they taste good too. They are grown worldwide, both as garden flowers and for culinary uses. The brilliant yellow, orange or red flowers and peppery flavored leaves are used in salads: see recipe for > Nasturtium Salad.

The flowers may also be chopped and used to flavor butters, cream cheese and vinegar; the immature flower buds and seed pods may be pickled and used like capers.
Growing Conditions 
Nasturtiums like to grow in the sun in well drained soil.
When to Grow 
Sow from March to May, outside where they are to flower. They will flower from the summer through to the autumn.

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